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A Taosong just for you...
It is no longer a secret that sounds can have a positive impact on our health, emotions, well-being and personality development.

Tao Song carries highest frequency and vibration with Tao love, forgiveness, compassion and light for steady and gentle change of your chosen aspect.
Balance, harmony, inner peace, calmness and well-being
How does this work?

"If you want to understand the universe,
then think in categories like energy, frequency and vibration. "

Nikola Tesla

Everyone and everything are made of frequency and vibration.
When the unity of soul, heart, mind and body vibrates in unison,
we feel well, are healthy, happy and our life flows harmoniously.

Where we perceive challenges in our lives, such as pain, illness,
depression, anger, anxiety, difficult
and much more, we find a field with
lower vibration and negative information in these areas.

Taosong with its extremely high vibration
can positively affect this information
and gently dissolve blockages. *

With every listening more light energies flow in the chosen area,
so that it can be slowly balanced, harmonized and strengthened.

More balance, calmness, silence, clarity, satisfaction, well-being
and deep inner realizations are described sensations
after experiencing a Tao Song Tao Dance blessing.

Today you have the opportunity
to make a special gift to yourself or a loved one.

As a certified Tao Song Tao Dance Practitioner, it is my pleasure and honor
to record a very individual Tao Song Blessing for your personal request and
thereby forward highest frequencies for harmonization
to this area.

Only by having received special light transmissions
it is possible for me as a channel.
Big Christmas Special
Your advantages:

 - Absolutely unique
 - One-time recording
 - Individually tailormade frequencies for 
   the recipient
 - A gift, which stays
 - Highly vibrating light transmission with
   the greatest Tao love, forgiveness,
   compassion and light for the chosen
 - A gift that brings more and more gifts
   the more you listen to, as each time you
   listen more energy can dissolve
 - Individually artistically and lovingly
   designed CD in an
   attractive gift box
- 4 choices:
- To activate the self-healing powers
           for a condition (physical)
For inner peace
          (emotional and mental)
For deep relaxation
           (relaxation, balance in stress)
- For a relationship

Are you looking for a special gift that is unique and sustainable?

That brings not only short joy, but continuous contact with it?

That can also cause gentle change in a chosen area of ​​your life?

Then my special Christmas offer might be just right for you or your loved ones.

Get your INDIVIDUAL Taosong for the Christmas special today for only 175, - € instead of 250, - €.

Valid until 18.12.2018
*This offer is not a cure promise. It is not a substitute for doctor or therapist treatment and is not a recommendation for modification of existing treatment plans or medications.
By submitting a Taosong request, you agree.
This is what others say about the individual Taosong:

Dear Katrin,

How much love you have bestowed on my present beamed to me when I received it yesterday from the postman. So lovingly
decorated ... :-)
This afternoon I listened to it for the first time and was deeply absorbed in the sea of ​​deep touch ...
I am so immensely grateful to you for this precious jewel, this gift, this treasure for my soul and soul journey, and I can find no words in which to express this to you.
May the blessing that came to me through you flow infinitely back to you!

I hug you lovingly,

Dear Katrin,

The Tao Song CD created by the sky is super beautiful, and as you interpret it with your dreamlike vocals and the fantastic musical accompaniment, a little dream. Everything very touching and palpable that it is tailored to me.
Now I may be curious how my relationships will shape in the future ...
Great that Heaven gives us such wonderful gifts and you do such a wonderful service.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ...... feel deeply warm, have a nice sunday, best regards,

Thanks again for your beautiful gift. Today is the first relaxing day and I've just listened to your CD for the first time - beauuuutiful, a thousand thanks to heaven and you. Also a beautiful yin yang alternation. You have a beautiful voice.
The quality is also really great, sounds like a professional recording studio.
I keep listening to your beautiful Taosong Taodance song all day long.

Thank you very much.
A. O.